i2S from France specializes in image capture and processing. For more than 30 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing innovative and customer-specific cameras and optronic systems.

The company’s image capture and processing systems are used in many different fields, including healthcare and cosmetics, manufacturing, aerospace, document digitization, etc. i2S remains at the forefront of imaging technology, innovating in image capture and processing for integrated and advanced imaging applications. Thanks to deep and highly specialized expertise, the devices are able to achieve the best image quality and bring color, shape, texture and density to life. i2S’ goal is to provide its customers with image processing solutions that meet their needs by integrating optics, cameras, electronics, illumination, calibration, application software, support, etc.

i2S supports its customers throughout the lifecycle of their products, from proof of concept to certification and mass production in i2S’s own factory.