NeoSpectra-Scanner Development Package

by Kathrin Beckstein

The NeoSpectra Scanner Development Package comes with everything you need to develop your individual material analysis, for example for quality assurance.
The robust and ready-to-use handheld scanner covers a very broad NIR spectral range from 1,350 nm – 2,500 nm and can be used for the quantification or qualification of a wide variety of materials in the following areas, among others

  • Agriculture (composition of soil, grain, feed, milk, …)
  • Food (determination of sugar, protein and oil content, …)
  • Industry (differentiation of textiles, polymers, …)
  • Medicine (urine analysis, blood analysis, hair analysis, non-invasive alcohol measurement, …)

The Development Package contains:

  • NeoSpectra-Scanner
  • Reference material
  • Data collection software
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

    About the NeoSpectra-Scanner