Halogen light sources of the APOLLO T-SERIES

The free-space and research grade halogen light sources of the APOLLO T-Series are a popular optical source for visible to infrared light because they offer a smooth blackbody spectral curve and a high output stability.

The APOLLO T-SERIES tungsten lamps are an integrated light source consisting of a cooled housing, power supply and, of course, the lamp itself. The housing is designed to allow fine adjustment of the lamp filament enabling precise positioning e.g. on monochromator slits and an optimal coupling of the light output e.g. into optical fibers.

Key features of the APOLLO T-SERIES are:

  • Broadband spectrum from visible to infrared
  • Direct current (DC) operation with highly stable power supply
  • Simple lamp alignment
  • F/1 collection condenser optics
  • Various adapters for collimated or focused beam output
  • Innovative cooling ensures stable lamp operation and maximum hand-warm housing
  • Colour temperature circa 3000-3200 K

Please give us a call. We will be happy to provide you with further information and support you in combining with additional components.

Specifications of available models

Electrical Power50W75W150W
Filament size3.3mm x 1.6 mm5.0mm x 1.6mm6.0mm x 3.5mm
Intensity fluctuations± 0.1%± 0.1%± 0.1%