Powerful tunable light sources of the APOLLO TLS-SERIES

The innovative design of the light sources of the APOLLO Series allows for straightforward alignment with the monochromator-spectrographs of the ATLAS Series to produce a powerful tunable light source system – the APOLLO TLS-Series. With a range of light sources (xenon-, pulsed xenon- und halogen light sources) and monochromators available, a highly customizable tunable light source can be created to meet your power and resolution requirements.

Key features of the APOLLO TLS-Series are:

  • Highly stable xenon and tungsten halogen light sources
  • Optimized light path to maximize light output efficiency
  • Pre-aligned, calibrated and tested to ensure straightforward set-up
  • Output bandwidth can be adjusted continuously
  • Robust and easy to use software control
  • Filter wheel, shutters, optical monitors and other accessories available
  • System supplied as standard on an optical baseplate
  • On-site installation and training available

Please give us a call. We will be happy to send you further information and support you during configuration.

Specifications of typical configurations

MonochromatorATLAS 150ATLAS 300ATLAS 300
Light SourceAPOLLO X150 Xenon lamp
(75W or 150W bulbs)
APOLLO X600 Xenon lamp
(450W bulb)
APOLLO T150 Tungsten lamp
Spectral Range230 – 2000 nm350-2500 nm
Resolution0.4 nm0.1 nm0.1 nm
Wavelength accuracy0.25 nm0.2 nm0.2 nm
Drive step size0.01 nm0.005 nm0.005 nm
Standard slits0.01 – 5 mm continuously adjustable0.01 – 5 mm continuously adjustable0.01 – 5 mm continuously adjustable
Output Light StabilityUp to ± 0.1%Up to ± 0.1%Up to ± 0.1%
Grating mountDual grating turretTriple grating turretTriple grating turret
Suggested gratings1200 g / mm @ 300 nm1200 g / mm @ 300 nm1200 g / mm @ 500 nm
(other options available)600 g / mm @ 750 nm
1200 g / mm @ 500 nm
600 g / mm @ 750 nm
600 g / mm @ 1250 nm
Optical Base PlateProvided as standardProvided as standardProvided as standard
AccessoriesAvailable upon requestAvailable upon requestAvailable upon request
Note: specifications are defined using a 1200g/mm grating blazed at 500 nm and using the 435.8nm Hg emission line, and a 5mm height limiter.