Versatile fluorimeters of the fluoroSENS M-SERIE

The fluoroSENS system is a versatile bench-top fluorimeter with the ultimate in sensitivity – single photon counting. The system is available in two standard configurations: the fluoroSENS MINI and the fluoroSENS PRO.

The fully modular design also allows individual configuration from a wide range of available light sources, monochromators, sample holders and detectors. The fluoroSENS system can also be easily switched from stationary to time-resolved measurements.

Key features of the fluoroSENS M-SERIES are:

  • Individual system configuration
  • Exceptional dynamic range and spectral resolution
  • Exchangeable, kinematically mounted sample holders with temperature control as required
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly software for spectral and kinetic measurements
  • Spectral corrections are performed in software as standard
  • Suitable for fluorescence, phosphorescence, quantum yield, electroluminescence and many other measurements
  • Multi-channel scaling (MCS) and time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) optionally available
  • Many accessories are available

Please give us a call. We will be happy to send you further information and support you during configuration.

Specifications of available standard configurations

Excitation Source

150 W continuous Xenon lamp450 W continuous Xenon lamp
Spectral range of 200-2500 nmSpectral range of 200-2500 nm
Optical stability better than 0.1% Optical stability better than 0.1%
User interchangeable bulb User interchangeable bulb

Excitation and Emission Monochromators

150 mm focal length Czerny-Turner design monochromators300 mm focal length Czerny-Turner design monochromators
Wavelength accuracy of 0.25 nmWavelength accuracy of 0.2 nm
Resolution up to 0.4 nm resolutionResolution up to 0.1 nm
Diffraction gratings:
1200 g/mm, 300 nm blaze grating in excitation monochromator
1200 g/mm, 500 nm blaze grating in emission monochromator
Diffraction gratings:
1200 g/mm, 300 nm blaze grating in excitation monochromator
1200 g/mm, 500 nm blaze grating in emission monochromator

Sample Chamber

Spacious and flexible sample chamber including, as standard:

  • Beam splitter and calibrated silicon photodiode reference detector
  • Sample holder on kinematic mount
  • Cuvette holder for liquid samples
  • Detector protection interlock on sample chamber access lid
  • Excitation and emission channel automated order sorting filter changers


Red sensitivity (185-900 nm) single-photon counting photomultiplier included as standard with dark count rate at room temperature < 2,000 counts per second

Alternative blue sensitivity PMT option available (185-670 nm; dark count rate < 100 counts per second at room temperature)


Comprehensive and user-friendly software package providing full spectrometer control, automatic spectral corrections, performance monitoring and data acquisition, analysis and manipulation functionality, Measurement modes include:

  • Signal rates
  • Excitation and emission spectra
  • Synchronous spectra
  • Excitation and emission mapping
  • Synchronous mapping
  • Anisotropy spectra
  • Corrected spectra
  • Electro-luminescence
  • Quantum yields
  • Transmission


Water Raman S/N: > 4,500:1Water Raman S/N: > 12,000:1
Upgrading to double monochromators on excitation and emission will increase this to 30,000:1