Conveyor - belt systems for hyperspectral imaging

The benchtop conveyor belt systems enable extremely simple and fast hyperspectral imaging of your objects with optimum reproducibility and high spatial and spectral resolution.
The sophisticated systems are designed in such a way that, once started, all you have to do is place your objects on the conveyor belt or an optional upstream gravity roller conveyor – the conveyor belt system with integrated cameras, integrated lighting as well as coordinated software does the rest of the hyperspectral imaging for you.
Once you’ve examined your objects and identified appropriate decision features, you can take the cameras into production lines if needed using some additional accessories.

Key features:

  • Sensors detect object start and end
  • Automatic coordination between camera(s) and conveyor belt speed
  • Height adjustment of the camera(s) and interchangeable camera lenses for selecting the optimum scan width and spatial resolution
  • Free configuration of up to two camera(s) (Camera options [bottom of page Camera options])
  • Combined output of both camera data in SpectraSENS software
  • Integrated tungsten halogen illumination: very homogeneous line illumination or cost-effective spot illumination
  • Further illumination options [bottom of page Illumination options] available
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    Technical specifications

    FeatureStationary benchtop systemTransportable in trolley case
    Scan width220 mm140 mm
    Conveyor length800 mm500 mm
    Scan lengthLength of the object
    Length of the object
    Scan speed0.2 to 750 mm/s 0.2 to 300 mm/s
    Feed in/outup-/downstream gravity roller system
    up-/downstream gravity roller system
    SensorsSpeed adjustment for square pixels
    Speed adjustment for square pixels
    Suitable camerasUp to 2 cameras - camera options
    Up to 2 cameras - camera options
    LightingTungsten Halogen line illumination (further lighting options) Tungsten Halogen line illumination (further lighting options)
    SoftwareIntegrated camera software spectraSENS
    Integrated camera software spectraSENS