785 nm Laser - Samogitian® series

The Samogitian® is a SWAP-compatible (size, weight and power), free-radiating laser source for portable and industrial Raman spectroscopy.
It offers laser radiation up to 1 W, an integrated clean-up filter and a robust package, which is much less sensitive than a butterfly package. The special clean-up filter is used to increase the SMSR ratio (side-mode suppression ratio) and to prevent spontaneous emission of the laser diode.
The OEM package does not include any driver electronics, but only the high-power laser diode (transverse multimode laser beam), collimation and the optics for spectral wavelength stabilization.

For quick and easy first testings, Integrated Optics offers an low-cost starter kit for the Samogitian® laser. It consists of a simple analog laser driver and a mounting plate.


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