The Hyperchromator, a monochromator designed for ISTEQ’s laser-pumped plasma light source XWS-30, is a development of Mountain Instruments. The Hyperchromator optimally uses the advantages of the pointed plasma light source by using a mirror with an aperture up to f/1.5 to collect the light and ensure maximum light throughput without a limiting entrance slit. It is optimized for applications that require a fast and tunable point light source.


Optical inputISTEQ XWS-30 light source, directly coupled to the monochromator
Optical outputFused silica fiber, SMA or FC, 100-600 µm core, or free beam output with adjustable slit or various collimator options. Spectral power monitoring on request.
Wavelength range185 – 2500 nm*
Aperturef/1.5 or f/2, depending on required resolution and light output
Bandwith1-10 nm FWHM*
Output powerUp to 800 µW
(grating at blaze wavelength, 6 nm bandwidth and 400 µm fiber)
ReproducibilityTyp. 0.1 nm
Scanning Speed40-100 nm/s*
Control InterfaceUSB/RS-232, LabVIEW™-based GUI, various external control options
*depends on choice of grating and other requirements