Terahertz Camera TZcam

The TZcam is a new high-sensitivity camera specially developed for the THz range. It covers a wide range from 0.3 … 5 THz and is therefore a universal tool for this special spectral range between maximum frequency and light.

How it works

The individual pixels of the TZcam consist of a combination of two orthogonal antennas and a micro bolometer. The optical and thermal signals are recorded separately, which optimizes the sensor.

The applications are manifold. Thus the TZcam can be used in the following areas:


  • Material analysis especially of composite materials
  • QC of semiconductors
  • Thickness measurement


  • Cancer research
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Biosensor technology


  • Detection of explosives
  • Toxicology
  • Scan of persons and luggage


  • Astrophysics
  • Gas analysis
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    Detector specifications

    Detector size: 320×240 pix

    Frame rate: 25 fps

    Pixel size: 50 um

    Camera specifications

    Wavelength range: 0.3 … 5 THz

    Sensitivity: 20 pW at 2.5 THz

    Pixel resolution: 16 bit

    Focal length: 50 mm

    Supply: USB3

    Weight: 1100g incl. lens

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