Nanosecond laser modules

All lasers from Integrated Optics are based on the powerful MatchBox2 platform. This also applies to the self-contained nanosecond lasers at 1029 nm and 514.5 nm, which, in single-frequency operation feature high pulse energy, low jitter and extremely stable harmonics. A ns-laser module with 343nm is under development. The complete electronics are built into the housing. Various options are available for decoupling the laser beam.

MatchBox2 laser modules excel in:

  • Miniature package
  • One size for all wavelengths (Diode, DPSS, Combiner, Nanosecond Laser)
  • 5VDC supply
  • Smart electronics integrated in the laser housing
  • TEC cooled
  • Sealed housing and cavity
  • USB power and USB control
  • Many output options, e.g. SM-, PM-, MM-fiber, free-space
  • Variety of inexpensive accessories

Typical applications for nanosecond laser modules:

  • Seeding optical parametric amplifier LIBS
  • Seeding high power fiber lasers
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Holography
  • Supercontinuum generation
  • Pumps of Ti: Sapphire lasers
  • UV and deep UV generation
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    Order codeWavelengthOutput power, mWPulse energy, uJRepetition rate, kHz Pulse durationPower stability, % (RMS, 8h)Pulse-to-pulse stability, %Spectral linewidth FWHM, pmM2 effective