NeoSpectra-MIR platform – multi-configurable OEM spectrometer

The NeoSpectra-MIR platform is a modular system consisting of several components that allows the easy configuration of spectral measurement systems for qualification or quantification of different materials. By detection in the mid-infrared, these systems are particularly selective and sensitive, even at low concentrations, since first-order molecular vibrations are measured directly.

Because of the underlying MEMS-based FTIR-spectroscopy, the covered wavelength range is very broad and allows the detection of many different substances with only one device. At the same time, MEMS-based NeoSpectra instruments work reliably even under harsh environmental conditions with shocks and vibrations and can even recalibrate themselves if necessary – regular maintenance work is therefore not required.

The configured NeoSpectra-MIR devices feature all of these capabilities in an unprecedented compactness at an unrivalled price, which decreases significantly for larger quantities. This makes the devices ideal OEM components.

The modular system allows us to configure prototypes for your specific application at short notice.

Modular system
  • Optical core module: The heart of every NeoSpectra-MIR device is the optical core module, in which the MEMS-chip and the photodetector are sealed. The specifications of the detector determine the wavelength range of the device.
  • Optical interface: Depending on the sample and application, we select the appropriate optical interface including an adjusted lighting unit: for liquids, a flow-through cell, a direct presentation of the substance in a vessel and a measurement via an ATR element can be considered. For solids we can offer diffuse reflection measurements and for gas samples we can adjust the length of the optical measurement path depending on the absorption behavior.
  • Chemometrics: As always in spectroscopy, chemometrics plays a key role in the evaluation of spectra. These analysis models can either be integrated in user-controlled software or stored in a cloud, depending on the application scenario.
  • Communication interfaces: The device communicates via the desired interfaces – wired or wireless – and with a connected device or even with a cloud.
  • Customized software: Measurement and communication is coordinated by custom software that either automates the measurement process, provides the user with a completely UI/UX designed software interface, or allows external programs to control the system via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
  • Housing: The components are integrated into a housing that is adjusted to the existing environmental conditions and can be certified according to the target market.
Special features
  • Broad wavelength range from 1.350 – 4.700 nm / Wavenumber range from 2.125 – 7.400 cm-1
  • Direct detection of molecular vibrations in first order
  • FTIR-spectroscopy delivers excellent measurement results
  • Multi-configuration platform for gases, liquids and solids
  • Tolerates shocks and vibrations
  • Small form factor
  • Low price
  • Designed for high quantities


All NeoSpectra devices are based on a complete Michelson interferometer realized on a MEMS chip. A MEMS oscillating mirror is used as moving interferometer arm. From light coupled into the device, an interferogram is created on the photodetector, from which the spectrum is calculated with Fourier transformation.

Technical specifications

The functional range of the device therefore depends on the used photodetector, whose specifications are listed in the table below.

Wavelength rangePSD > 10% des PSD Maximums
2.125 - 7.400 cm-1 / 1.350 - 4.700 nm
ResolutionFWHM Kriterium70 cm-1 (optional 40 cm-1)
Signal-noise-ratio (rms)10 s scan @ 2.740 cm-13.000 : 1
Wavelength accuracy@ 2.740 cm-1±2cm-1

If you require a different wavelength range in the near or mid infrared, please contact us.


Typical applications
  • Lubricant / engine oil analysis
  • Food & beverage QA / QC monitoring
  • Smart Gas Meter – energy content monitoring
  • Environmental & air quality monitoring