Raman microscope

The Raman microscope from Optosky combines the advantages of a microscop and a Raman spectrometer.
It is possible to see macro and micro ranges of samples on a computer screen with a single mouse click. When the exact position is visualized, the user can recognize spectra under different surface conditions and the synchronized mapping can be intuitively displayed on the screen with one cklick.

Das ATR8300 is equipped with a special lense, that is working close to the diffraction limit. In this way focus information with the megapixel camera are displayed precisely and intuitively on the screen.
This configuration improves the Raman spectral quality for applications, where the focus level for Raman signal acquisition is slightly above or below the imaging level.

The ATR8300 works stable, without moving components.

Optosky differs three variants of Raman microscopes. Manually focusing, automaticalliy focusing and automatically focusing with mapping function. All of these three variants are available as 532, 633, 785 and 1064nm systems.