Salsa Camera

The “Salsa” is a polarization digital camera that determines the complete Stokes vector (S0 to S3) for each pixel. It is compact and robust and has all the features of a conventional digital video camera (easy operation, point & shoot, USB3 connection) as well as the possibility of polarization analysis.

Operating principle

Earlier polarization image systems were produced with mechanical rotation of polarizers and wave plates. These systems are usually quite slow and very sensitive to the scene movement between images.

We use a patented polarization filter based on ferroelectric liquid crystals (FLC), which drastically reduces the time to take a complete polarization image consisting of four individual images. These four individual images are then used to calculate the Stokes vector for each pixel.

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    Available resolutions

    1,040 pix x 1,040 pix

    1,600 pix x 1,200 pix

    1,920 pix x 1,080 pix