Spectra Tune Lab

The Spectra Tune Lab is a tunable LED light source with 10 individually controllable LED color channels over the visible range. It is primarily designed for scientific applications and can be mounted to an optical table.
LEDMOTIVE’s patented technology (patent PCT/EP2011/050002) ensures spectral precision and accuracy as well as stability over time through a CMOS-based onboard spectroradiometer.


  • Wavelength range: 400 nm – 700 nm
  • Peak wavelengths (nm): 429, 446, 465, 475, 505, 525, 550, 595, 638, 660
  • Max. lumen output: 3360 lm
  • Max. optical Watts output: 12.7 W
  • Feedback by integrated spectrometer
  • Average response time: 10 ms
  • Independent color channel dimming
  • Precise, accurate and stable light emission
  • No warm up time required
  • C-MOUNT and optical fiber /LLG adapter

The included ╬╝Wave software offers a number of basic functions to easily collect light spectra and transmit them to the Spectra Tune Lab. Alternatively, the light source can be controlled using preferred programming language (Python, MATLAB, Labview, C, C++, Java, etc…) via the optional REST API with very short response times.

The Spectra Tune Lab can be integrated easily in existing set ups. An optional C-mount fiber adapter, mounting holes for standard optical tables and 1/4 thread for tripod mounting are available.

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