THOR system – mirrorless confocal Raman microscopes

In addition to measurements of Raman spectra, the all-in-one systems THOR B and THOR S from Lightnovo offer several advanced methods that enormously expand common application possibilities. Like all Lightnovo spectrometers, they are based on diffraction optics with a very high throughput and an extremely stable laser power. This results in high spatial as well as spectral resolution, very low noise and a very broad spectral range covered. As a special feature, the THOR microscopes allow easy switching between different laser wavelengths, filters, gratings or white light microscopy filters at the push of a button.

THOR can also be equipped with qRICO technology, which was developed in collaboration with Xnovo Technology ApS. qRICO (quantitative Raman Imaging for Crystal Orientation) allows to create three-dimensional images of samples, enabling the investigation of for e.g. 2D materials, layered ceramics, silicon wafers or electronic components with Raman spectroscopy.
Miraspec software (Windows 7, 10) is connected via USB cable and allows control of optomechanical units (exchange of lasers, gratings, filters, beam splitters, etc.), acquisition of Raman data in x, Y and Z or sample rotation for polarized Raman microscopy during data acquisition and operation of the microscope.


  • Fast, 3D imaging processes
  • SERS (surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy)
  • Polarized Raman measurements
  • Raman measurements in the very low wavenumber range
  • Stokes/Anti-Stokes Raman measurements


  • Set of calibration samples for Raman and polarized Raman microscopy
  • Adapters for different sample measurement methods
  • Microscope objectives for magnifications 10x (NA = 0.25), 20x (NA = 0.4), 50x (NA=0.5) und 100x (NA = 0.95)
  • Custom made microscope objectives on request
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    Feature vs. model*THOR BTHOR S
    Spectroscopic sensorsCMOS
    (scientific Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor)
    Electron-Multiplying Charge-Coupled Device)
    Lasers and laser power options*405 nm (50 mW), 455 nm (200 mW), 532 nm (200 mW/500 mW)
    633 nm (70 mW), 785 nm (100 mW/500 mW)
    Spectral range50 - 3700 cm⁻¹
    Spectral resolution3 - 5 cm⁻¹
    Signal-to-noise ratio**1000:1
    Lateral resolution***280 nm#
    Axial resolution***600 nm
    White light microscopyReflected light with simultaneous visualization of laser spot and Raman spectrum acquisition
    Mapping travel range (XYZ)120 mm x 120 mm x 20 mm (120 mm x 120 mm x 20 mm****)
    Lateral step size200 nm (1 nm****)
    Axial step size200 nm (1 nm****)
    Physical dimensions800 mm x 800 mm x 1100 mm (LxWxH)
    Weight180 kg
    * Up to 4 lasers can be exchanged automatically. User-defined laser wavelengths are available on request.
    ** determined as singal-to-noise ratio of a polystyrene spectrum at maximum laser power, integration time 0.3 s and 10 accumulations.
    *** determined with microscope objective NA = 0.95 (100-fold magnification) at laser wavelength 532 nm
    **** with closed-loop nano stage