G2V Optics from Edmonton, Canada is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of LED solar simulators with a mission to empower research and science with innovative technologies and data-driven, collaborative design to solve our planet’s most critical problems. G2V’s lighting technology tests everything from water splitting reactions to satellites, and can also mimic natural seasons, geographic locations, or even specific daily light occurrences, such as a sunrise.
In doing so, the team is driven by the idea of combining LED technology with the ever-evolving needs of researchers and scientists. The result is a tunable, long-lasting solar simulation that delivers exact results. To provide scalable and practical solutions, the team draws from its own field experience to specifically resolve known solar simulation issues, such as long warm-up times, poor reproducibility, related overheating of samples, biased results, and subsequent problems. With this approach, G2V has evolved from a small basement operation to a technology partner of world-renowned companies and research institutions.