Beta CW

The Beta CW module is a robust and high-quality laser module with insulated housing and reverse polarity protection for a variety of applications.
GLOBAL Laser offers diodes with different wavelengths (standard are 635, 650, 670 and 780nm) and power levels.

An A/R coated collimating lens produces an elliptical beam and can be focused by the customer to a very small spot. The module can also be equipped with alternative lens systems, e.g. to create a circular beam or a beam with a low divergence.
Some line generators are also available.

Operating modes:

The standard is CW operation.
But some models also offer a TTL input. This will allow the laser output to be pulsed on and off via a TTL level signal.


For these modules there is a wide range of mounting clamps available with parallel and vertical alignment options.


Please contact us for a custom solution that is not listed in the product documentation.