Laser optics

Laser optics from Optogama for UV, VIS and NIR-applications are available in the following  designs:

Dielectric thin-film mirrors

  • Laser line mirrors
  • Broadband laser mirrors
  • Dual and multi wavelength mirrors
  • Variable reflectivity mirrors
  • Laser cavity output couplers

Metal-coated mirrors

  • Flat and curved metal-coated mirrors


  • Wavelength separators and combiners


  • Plano-convex spherical lenses
  • Plano-concave spherical lenses
  • Bi-convex spherical lenses
  • Bi-concave spherical lenses
  • Plano-convex cylindrical lenses
  • Plano-concave cylindrical lenses
  • Axicons (conical lenses)


  • Dispersing prisms
  • Right-angle prisms
  • Corner cube retroreflectors
  • Penta prisms

Windows and substrates

  • Curved windows
  • Flat-wedge windows
  • Super-polished substrates
  • Flat-parallel windows


  • Colored glass
  • Neutral density filters (by absorption)
  • Bandpass filters (interference)


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    In addition to a wide range of standard specifications, customized coatings, substrates and sizes can also be offered on request.