Sunbrick - LED solar simulator for large areas

The Class AAA Sunbrick is a large area LED solar simulator that provides sunlight replication with software controlled calibrated spectra. The Sunbrick has no fragile bulbs or moving parts and the warm-up time is significantly shorter than solar simulators with conventional bulbs. This, combined with the AM1.5G and AM0 spectra that can be reproduced at the touch of a button, means that measurements can be started very quickly.
The Sunbrick has a modular design: Certified for an illumination area of 20 cm x 20 cm, Sunbrick arrays can be tiled together to achieve AAA quality on areas of any size. Sunbrick also offers the ability to customize spectra by allowing up to 36 LED channels to be individually adjusted.


  • AAA rated according to IEC60904-9:2020, ASTM E927-19, JIS 8904-9:2017 standards
  • Spectral Mismatch <5% in all spectral bins
  • Temporal instability of <0.5%
  • Class A spatial non-uniformity in 20 cm x 20 cm square area for single unit and between tiled units
  • Fast turn on time, minimal warmup time
  • Guaranteed 10,000-hour solar simulator lifetime (with LED lifetime ranging from 10,000 – 100,000 hours)
  • Variable output from 0% to 110% and individual control of up to 36 LED channels through software.
  • Includes LabView DLL and Python API for automation and integration
  • Modular design allows tiling up to arbitrary sizes (for example, a 4-Sunbrick array (2×2) provides a 40 cm x 40 cm Class A area)
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    Technology:Continuous-wave (CW) solid-state light emitting diodes (LEDs)
    Working distance: Typically 50 cm (includes reflective walls that extend to the working plane)
    Illumination area:Total illumination area of 625 cm2 (25 cm x 25 cm) per Sunbrick unit with reflective walls, certified to Class A spatial non-uniformity for 400 cm2 (20 cm x 20 cm). Contact G2V Optics if you require a larger Class A area.
    Irradiance:0.1 – 1.1 suns equivalent intensity
    Plug & power supply:Configuration specific to geographic region and array size
    Materials:Powder-coated aluminium, brushed aluminium
    Mounts:Single Sunbrick Vertical Stand or Custom n-Sunbrick Array Vertical Stands Available for varying configurations
    Weight: 10.0 kg / 22.1 lbs per Sunbrick unit, 16.3 kg / 35.9 lbs for single Sunbrick vertical stand
    Dimensions:25 cm x 25 cm x 39 cm per Sunbrick unit, 34 cm x 44 cm x 102 cm for single Sunbrick vertical, stand Dimensions vary for custom array stands

    *These values are equivalent to the often-quoted 100 mW/cm2 standard value for 1-sun solar simulators.

    Parameters varying according to model

    Calibrated output irradiance *:75.982.384.784.7 ± 4.2mW/cm2 1.0 sun AM1.5G target irradiance
    Spectral range:400 – 1100350-1200400 - 1500400 – 1500nm
    Irradiance control range:7.6 – 83.5 8.2 - 90.58.5 – 93.18.5 – 93.1 mW/cm2 0.1 – 1.1 suns AM1.5G
    Wavelength channels:34352936N/A