First Contact™ cleaning polymer for precision optics

Using cleaning polymer First Contact™ is THE modern way to clean dirty optics gently and without any residues. Furthermore the dry polymer film protects your optics effectively against dirt and damage during storage and transport.

For smaller optics we recommend First Contact™ solution which comes along in kits with an  applicator bottle with integrated brush.  For larger optics the First Contact™ spray  will save you time. When applied to the surface allow about 20 minutes to dry. Then either remove the cured polymer film with suitable accessories described in the polymer film lifting document or store the optics with cured polymer protection film until further use.
Informative videos for different applications can be found on the youtube channel of Photonic Cleaning Technologies.

First Contact™ is impermeable to water, water vapour, sulphur and oxygen. It is chemically inactive and forms a tough, flexible film. These properties make First Contact™ the first choice for protecting precision optics during storage and shipping.

First Contact™ is available as solution or spray in various container sizes, from 15 ml test bottles to 1 litre bottles. Please refer to the price list for details.

Application related versions of First Contact™

For smaller surfaces up to 100 mm diameter, First Contact™  solution is recommended.  For larger surfaces the spray is more convenient.

To clean sensors, nanostructures and other electrostatically sensitive components, the ESD-free First Contact™ is the product of choice.

The new DTC formula polymer was specifically developed to clean and protect optics made of diamond turned copper, nickel, brass, aluminum alloys, and any other alloy containing copper.

To safely clean plastics optics, like Zeonex, acrylics, polystyrene, and some polycarbonates, the Plastics-Formula is available.

Newly developed polymeres

  • Polymer for gold coated surfaces
  • Water-resistant cleaning polymer
  • Black formula as a solution for backside reflection hiding

Accessories for First Contact™

For optimum handling of the various polymer versions, we recommend using the brushes and spray bottles for applying the liquid polymer. For safe and easy removal of the cured polymer film use the most suitable lifting technique described in the polymer film lifting document.  Suitable peel tabs, chemical resistant nylon mesh, PEEK Mesh and helpful unwaxed dental floss you will find on the price list.