Collimated LED light sources of Prizmatix

The collimated LED light sources from Prizmatix have a particularly high optical power and are suitable for many applications such as fluorescence microscopy, machine vision, the activation of chemical reactions or the replacement of metal halide and mercury lamps.

Based on single-chip emitters and optimized for highest optical performance, the light sources achieve amazing optical powers of up to 5700 mW.

The modular LED light sources consist of a separate controller and a compact and very robust optical head that contains the actual LED chip and collimation optics. This enables the simple combination of several LED heads via beam combiners to form a customer-specific illumination system.

Besides, the UHP-M is a collimated UV and white LED light source with a controller built directly into the housing. This makes it particularly well-suited as a replacement for conventional metal halide or mercury light sources.

All controllers of the LED light sources offer various control options for power regulation. From an analog input, over a TTL input, up to the control via USB or via the classical manual control using the potentiometer everything is possible. Especially the USB control makes these light sources an optimal solution for microscopy or research applications, as many programs such as µManager, Labview, Matlab and many more can directly control the LEDs.

The main features of the collimated LED light sources are:

  • Simple combination of several modular LEDs via beam combiners
  • Combination with microscope adapter, fiber adapter (SMA or FC-PC) or liquid light guide adapter (LLG)
  • Extensive accessories such as filter wheel, beam switcher, optical fibers or reference photodiode
  • Various control options (analog, TTL, USB, potentiometer, depending on model)
  • USB control compatible with µManager, Labview, Matlab and many more
  • Analog and TTL inputs are optically isolated
  • Long lifetime, typically >10,000 hours
  • Each LED comes with a test report

Please give us a call. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right LED light source and accessories for your application.

Comparison of collimated LED light sources

Special features
- high optical power
- low divergence
- ideal for microscopy
- many wavelengths
- several white LEDs
- very high optical power
- particularly high optical areal power density ("brightness")
- electrically shielded LED head
- ideal for microscopy and electrophysiologic measurements
- well suited for fiber coupling
- very high optical power
- electrically shielded LED head
- ideal for electrophysiologic measurements
- particularly high optical power
- white LED available
- ideal as broadband VIS-light source for microsopy
- well suited for liquid light guide coupling

- particularly high optical power
- combined UV and white LED
- ideal as broadband UV-VIS-light source for microscopy
- well suited for liquid light guide coupling
- extremely high optical power
- 3:4 aspect ratio
- ideal for microplate illumination
- well suited for liquid light guide coupling
white & monochromatic
white & monochromatic
UV & white
Optical Power
separate4separate5separate5separate5built into the housing
TTL input6
Analogue input6
USB control6 (optional)8
Available wavelengths9 [nm]280, 310, 325, 340, 365, 380, 385, 390, 395, 405, 410, 420, 430, 445, 455, 465 , 475, 480, 500, 505, 515, 525, 535, 550, 590, 630, 655, 690, 730
white: 425-675
(at 3000 / 4000 / 6500 K)
365, 450, 470, 475, 545, 595, 620, 630
405, 450, 520, 625, 630, 650405, 560, 520, 560, 625
white: 420-675
(at 4500 / 5700 / 6500 / 8500 K, different spectra available)
UV: 365, 385, 405
white: 420-675, 5700K, high CRI
365, 385, 455, 520, 545, 630
VariantsLN: particularly low noise
DF: detached fan to decouple vibrations
LN: particularly low noise
DF: detached fan to decouple vibrations
LN: particularly low noise
DF: detached fan to decouple vibrations
DF: detached fan to decouple vibrations
Fiber- / Liquid light guide-coupled LED equivalent

Silver-LED / FC-LEDsOptogenetics-LEDsOptogenetics-LEDs UHP-F-LED ---UHP-F-LED
Legend: ◐ lowest value ●●●● highest value of all our LED types

1: Inclusive controller, if needed separately.
2: LED can be used free-space, with microscope adapter, with fiber adapter (SMA or FC-PC) or liquid-light-guide adapter (LLG). Usable with additional accessories as filter wheel, beam switcher or reference photodiode.
3: Combination of several LEDs via beam combiners is possible.
4: seperate BLCC-04 controller is necessary.
5: seperate UHPTLCC controller is necessary.
6: details of the associated controller.
7: via fiber-coupled remote control.
8: via external USB-CTRL.
9: status 20.01.2019