Survelase Long Distance Targeting Laser

This product group has been specially developed for long distances. The Survelase creates a small and well defined point at a working distance of up to 140m. These lasers are offered in red (635nm and 650nm) and green (520nm) with a power of up to 5mW.
The green light is more than twice as visible to the human eye as red light with the same power. Thus, the projected light point is clearly better seen on dark background and strong ambient light and is strongly recommended for such applications.
The laser has a very robust metal housing and is thus also suitable for use in industrial facilities.
A user-adjustable focus is also provided by these modules. There is no need to remove internal lenses. This makes the module very flexible, user-friendly and the laser protection class remains unchanged.

Operating modes:

CW or optional TTL modulation is also available. Thanks to the TTL modulation, the laser can also be easily synchronized with an external measuring device or a camera.

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    • Distance measurement
    • Positioning
    • Measurement
    • General measurement applications at long working distance