Lyte-MV, Lyte-MV-EXCEL & GreenLyte-MV-EXCEL

  • Use in conjunction with industrial CCD and CMOS cameras
  • Uniform (non-Gaussian) line with user adjustable focus
  • Further optic options with low zero order intensity
  • CW, linear analogue modulation or digital TTL control

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Lyte-MV 2 Machine Vision Laser

  • Power: 120 mW (blue and red), 50 mW (green), 200 mW (IR)
  • M18 thread body for easy mounting
  • Water and dust proof
  • 5 to 30 Volt supply voltage with reverse polarity protection

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  • Violet and blue wavelength range
  • Stable output power over a wide temperature range
  • Analogue modulation up to 750 kHz

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