Super Cold Filter

Nearly 50 years of experience in coating processes and the new Magnetron Sputtering Technology combined with Japanese discipline, enables such outstanding specifications in all types of filters.


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    • Chemistry
    • Biotechnology
    • Medical technology
    • Semiconductor industry
    • Photovoltaics and more

    Product features:

    Super Cold Filters are heat-reflecting filters that perform much better than conventional heat-absorbing filters. Even with a high power light source, the substrate is not damaged because it is a reflective filter and consists of a quartz glass substrate.

    Two versions are offered as standard:

    Transmission in the VIS wavelength range

    (750nm cut-off)

    Transmission in the VIS/NIR wavelength range (1050nm Cut-Off)

    Overview of the standard Super Cold Filter products
    DescriptionCut-off (nm)Thickness (nm)Item# 50 mm dia.item# 50x50 mm
    Super Cold Filter / 750nm7505YSC0750ZSC0750
    Super Cold Filter / 1100nm11005YSC1100ZSC1100

    The Super Cold Filters are available in two standard sizes:

    • Round with 25mm in diameter or
    • Square 50x50mm

    Custom filters with other passages or blocking areas can be made. Please contact your technical advisor for more information.