The AxoScan system measures the polarization properties in a single point of the sample. The measurement time is only 30 ms for the complete Mueller Matrix. AxoScan is the industry standard in LCD film and panel testing and is used in many other applications in testing optical components, biological samples and other materials.


Application examples:
  • LCD panels (cell gap, pre tilt)
  • LCD films (polarizers and compensation films)
  • Optical components (waveplates, beamsplitters, etc.)
  • 3D display components (3D glasses, patterned retarder elements, LC lenses)
  • Biological samples (e.g. collagen alignment in tissue)
  • Stress analysis (injection molded lenses and windows)
  • Fiber optics (PMD measurement, PM fiber alignment)
  • Reflective Devices (LCOS displays)

All measurements can be carried out

  • versus wavelength
  • versus coupling angle
  • over X/Y
  • verus temperature
  • in transmission or reflection
  • in the laboratory or in the production line

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    Software package LCD View

    This software is used to determine the 3D structure of liquid crystal molecules. LCD View can simultaneously measure all important parameters (cell gap, pre tilt, etc.).

    Software package Multi-Layer Analysis

    This software is used to determine the parameters of the individual layers of complex multi-layer films. This software opens up completely new applications for LCD films in QC and R&D.