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Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ: Extremely stable, patented and popular stage 20nm or 200nm resolution Various adjusters are available 2mm travel per axis Minimal arcuate displacement 4.5kg load capacity Orthogonal alignment grooves The Elliot Martock Gold Series XYZ Flexure Stages are ideal for high-precision instrument manipulation. The arcuate displacement (the vertical displacement is based on longitudinal […]

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Miniature linear Stages: Ultra small, very small and small micropositioners with travels of 3mm, 5mm and 10mm X, XY, XZ & XYZ micropositioner Fiber rotator, fiber holder Micrometer options Other accessories Elliot Martock is known for his outstanding quality and features in the compact linear stages. The precision-engineered very small dovetail slides support outstanding precision, […]

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Elliot Gold™ Series Professional Workstation: Multi-axis manipulation Complete professional and central workstations Versions with long or short travel distances Displacement takes place in precision slides in dovetail shape Precise 6-axis alignment Long or short travel options Overview of the existing workstations Workstation MDE881: This optical workstation has been designed for precise alignment of input and […]

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