Manual polarization controllers

The manual polarization controllers by Fiber Control make use of stress-induced birefringence to change the polarization state in the inserted fiber. Complete coverage of the Poincaré sphere is achieved by adjusting the paddles.

Different versions are available, both with and without inserted fiber.

Model FPC-1 is designed to be used with either 250 um bare fibers or fibers in 900 um buffer, e.g. Lucent SMF.  Model FPC-1 is available in different colors for better overview in multichannel applications. This makes WDM identification much easier.

FPC-2 and FPC-3: These larger coil diameter models are used with bend sensitive fibers such as Corning SMF-28 and Corning SMF-28e. FPC-2 can accommodate 250 um bare fibers or fibers in a 900 mm buffer. Model FPC-3 is designed for 3 mm cabled fibers. Both models come in machined aluminum pieces.

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