1260 Gating Cameo/1250 Cameo

The miniature laser Cameo is a very small and compact industrial laser diode module, which can be easily integrated into many structures by means of its thread. This mounting with the thread leads to a very good thermal contact between laser and heat sink.

This module with its only 23mm long housing contains a modern and intelligent driver electronics, a user adjustable focus and many optical beam options. It features high output power stability with transient and polarity protection as well as electrical isolation between diode and package.

The Cameo is available in five different wavelengths and three line options.

Novelty VISION 2018, available from May 2019: Green cameo with a 520nm diode.

Beam options:

There are a variety of point or elliptical beam shapes, different lines and diffractive optics which can be combined with this module.

Operation modes:

1260 Series (Gating)

This version 1260 Gating has another cable for fast switching of the laser. The maximum switching speed is 100 kHz. A control can be done directly with binary logic signals. Thus a very good adaptation to different light conditions is possible. Controlled modulation minimizes power consumption and extends the service life of the laser.

1250 Series (Standard)

This simple and inexpensive 1250 version can only be operated in CW mode. Therefore this module lacks the complete modulation features.


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    • Graphic displays
    • Vision systems
    • Telemetry
    • Dynamic lighting
    • Sensor technology
    • Laboratory tests
    • Smoke and fog detectors
    • Safety and security
    • Alignment of optical systemsn