Gulf fibers

Gulf Photonics is a specialist in manufacturing and assembling. The company focuses on special fibers for medicine, aerospace, semiconductors and spectroscopy. Another domain of Gulf Photonics are their special UV ESR fibers which are specified from 190nm – 800nm. Other fibers or probe types such as UV/SR fibers (200nm – 1100nm) or broadband fibers (200nm – 2200nm) are also available.

The core diameters vary with the material of the fiber.

The following are available:

  • 100 µm (broadband, UV)
  • 115 µm (ESR)
  • 200 µm (broadband, UV)
  • 230 µm (ESR)
  • 400 µm (broadband, UV)
  • 455 µm (ESR)
  • 600 µm (broadband, UV)
  • 800 µm (broadband, UV)
  • 1000 µm (broadband, UV)

The fiber length can be selected in meters.

There are two variants for the sheathing:

  • BX: Stainless steel plus silicone
  • silicone monocoil

There are six variants for the optical fibers:

  • Standard fiber
  • FCB: Y-fiber
  • multiple-divided fiber
  • reflection probes
  • immersion probes
  • Borosilicate glass fiber bundle

The following connectors are available:

  • SMA
  • FC/PC
  • ST
  • bare fiber end

For the exact configuration of the optical fibers, please contact our staff.

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