Longpass filter

Nearly 50 years of experience in coating processes and the new Magnetron Sputtering Technology combined with Japanese discipline, enables such outstanding specifications in all types of filters.


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    Product features:

    These long pass filters with their steep edges, safe blocking of unwanted wavelengths and high transmission values in the passband are offered up to a cut-on at 990nm. The blocking range typically starts at 350nm. The passband is often guaranteed up to 1400nm.

    UV long pass filter:

    The ASAHI Spectra UV long pass filters have very steep flanks between the reflection and passband ranges,
    while maintaining a very high permeability in the UV transmission range. The spectral transmission properties are constant over the entire passband of the filters.

    Overview of the standard products of the long pass filters
    DescriptionCut-on (nm)Thickness (mm)Item# 25mm dia.Item# 50x50mm
    Longpass Filter / UV 250nm2501XUL0250ZUL0250
    Longpass Filter / UV 275nm2751XUL0275ZUL0275
    Longpass Filter / UV 300nm3001XUL0300ZUL0300
    Longpass Filter / UV 325nm3251XUL0325ZUL0325
    Longpass Filter / UV 350nm3501XUL0350ZUL0350
    Longpass Filter / UV 385nm3851XUL0385ZUL0385
    Longpass Filter / UV 400nm4001XUL0400ZUL0400
    Longpass Filter / UV 422nm4221XUL0422ZUL0422
    Longpass Filter / VIS 430nm4301XVL0430ZVL0430
    Longpass Filter / VIS 450nm4501XVL0450ZVL0450
    Longpass Filter / VIS 470nm4701XVL0470ZVL0470
    Longpass Filter / VIS 490nm4901XVL0490ZVL0490
    Longpass Filter / VIS 510nm5101XVL0510ZVL0510
    Longpass Filter / VIS 530nm5301.5XVL0530ZVL0530
    Longpass Filter / VIS 550nm5501.5XVL0550ZVL0550
    Longpass Filter / VIS 570nm5701.5XVL0570ZVL0570
    Longpass Filter / VIS 590nm5901.5XVL0590ZVL0590
    Longpass Filter / VIS 610nm6101.5XVL0610ZVL0610
    Longpass Filter / VIS 630nm6301.5XVL0630ZVL0630
    Longpass Filter / VIS 650nm6502XVL0650ZVL0650
    Longpass Filter / VIS 670nm6702XVL0670ZVL0670
    Longpass Filter / VIS 690nm6902XVL0690ZVL0690
    Longpass Filter / VIS 710nm7102XVL0710ZVL0710
    Longpass Filter / VIS 730nm7302XVL0730ZVL0730
    Longpass Filter / IR 750nm7502XIL0750ZIL0750
    Longpass Filter / IR 780nm7802XIL0780ZIL0780
    Longpass Filter / IR 810nm8102XIL0810ZIL0810
    Longpass Filter / IR 840nm8402ZIL0840
    Longpass Filter / IR 870nm8702XIL0870ZIL0870
    Longpass Filter / IR 900nm9002XIL0900ZIL0900
    Longpass Filter / IR 930nm9302XIL0930ZIL0930
    Longpass Filter / IR 960nm9602XIL0960ZIL0960
    Longpass Filter / IR 990nm9902XIL0990ZIL0990

    The long pass filters are available in two standard sizes:

    • Round with 25mm diameter or
    • Square 50x50mm

    Special cuts or customized filters with other pass-through or blocking ranges can be made. Please contact your technical advisor for more information.