Measurements & calibration

In our specially equipped dark laboratory for radiometry and photometry, we are happy to carry out optical measurements on your behalf. Among others, we can use the optical measurement technology of our manufacturers for this purpose. In this way we are able to combine several measuring components such as light source, integrating sphere or spectrometer of different manufacturers to one measuring setup. This allows you to have your samples measured without buying the individual instruments. In addition, you can convince yourself of the possibilities and the quality of the measuring instruments you are interested in on the basis of the measurement results.

We handle the following measurement orders:

  • Determination of the relative spectral reflection or transmission of your sample
  • Determination of the spectral directed and scattered transmission or reflection as well as of the Haze factor of the sample
  • Determination of the absolute spectral radiant flux or luminous flux of your light source
  • Determination of the absolute spectral irradiance or illuminance of your light source at a given distance
  • Determination of color temperature and CRI or CQS value of your light source
  • Determination of the color coordinates of the surface of your sample
  • Absolute calibration of your light source
  • Absolute calibration and wavelength calibration of your spectroscopic measurement setup
Request a quote

    Please contact us and let us know which type of sample and size as well as which photometric or radiometric value you would like to have measured. You are then welcome to send us your samples. We will do the measurements according to your order promptly, evaluate the measurement data and prepare a detailed measurement report with the results for you. Finally, we will return the samples to you in their original condition.

    You prefer to measure your samples yourself with our instruments? We are happy to provide you with our dark laboratory and the required measuring instruments. If you want, we gladly advise you during your measurements. Simply contact us and make an appointment for a visit to our headquarters in Landsberg am Lech.

    In summary, Mountain Photonics order measurements offer the following options:

    • Free validation of the equipment you are interested in based on measurements to facilitate the purchase decision.
    • Chargeable measurement of your samples or calibration of your equipment
    • Rental of our dark laboratory for a fee, including the necessary measuring instruments for your measurements