Multichannel lock-in amplifier

The multi-channel digital lock-in amplifier SynkTek MCL1-540 (former model 9210 from Signal Recovery) is capable of demodulating up to ten voltage signals and five current signals simultaneously and in two phases. In addition, the signals, including DC components, can be displayed and analyzed via oscilloscope and FFT functions. The MCL1-540 can be operated and evaluated using the supplied software or LabView2016.

The MCL1-540 can be equipped with up to five signal processing modules, whereby each module can demodulate two voltage signals and one current signal referring to one reference frequency. The reference frequency can be generated either by the internal oscillator or by an external source.

In contrast to classic lock-in amplifiers, the digitized signals can be displayed graphically in real time in the frequency domain, both over time and via an FFT function, just like with an oscilloscope. DC components can also be displayed and evaluated at the same time.

Each module also has a digital input, which can be used as an external reference input, and a digital output.

RJ45 cables are used for signal connection, which are able to transmit several signals in a simple way. For the conventional connection via BNC a BB-BNC Breakout Box is available.

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