Laser diode drivers for up to 100 A

The laser diode drivers of series 4400 deliver up to 100 A injection current and up to 56 V drive voltage. All devices can be analog modulated and operated in CW and QCW mode. In addition to the current output for the primary laser, a control option for a pilot laser possibly integrated in the laser module is also available.

All devices offer special features not found on competing products. These include optically isolated photodiode and modulation inputs, a programmable PD bias, a constant voltage control mode, and both RS232 and USB interfaces.

The current controllers operate in constant current, constant voltage and constant power mode and have all the necessary protection circuits, e.g. interlock, ESD protection, programmable hardware limits for current and voltage. A large VFD display shows laser current, laser voltage and photodiode current simultaneously and easy readable.

ModelCurrent (A)Voltage (V)Power (W)Resolution (mA)Laser Connector Special features
4400-10-5610565600.513W3CW, QCW, pilot laser
4400-15-2815284200.513W3CW, QCW, pilot laser
4400-20-482048960113W3CW, QCW, pilot laser
4400-30-143014420113W3CW, QCW, pilot laser
4400-30-283028840113W3CW, QCW, pilot laser
4400-40-244024960213W3CW, QCW, pilot laser
4400-60-056053002Bus BarCW, QCW, pilot laser
4400-60-1460148402Bus BarCW, QCW, pilot laser
4400-80-1280129605Bus BarCW, QCW, pilot laser
4400-100-0510055005Bus BarCW, QCW, pilot laser
4400-100-101001010005Bus BarCW, QCW, pilot laser

All laser diode drivers can be operated conveniently by hand in text-oriented menu guidance or via PC interface. Remote control software and LabVIEW drivers are available for free download.