About Mountain Photonics

Why we do what we do


We are convinced of the quality of the products we sell because we know our suppliers, their way of working and above all the products themselves very well. We can assess which device is best suited for which measurement, where another light source would be more suitable, or with which setup an even more accurate measurement result can be achieved. Through our advice, we give each device an additional added value and thus make our contribution to our customer’s success.

Teaming up with our suppliers


We aim at maintaining highly reliable and long-term relationships with our suppliers. This requires mutual trust, respect and transparency, from which our customers will benefit in the end. We are looking for young and highly innovative partners from the international environment and go for exclusivity in sales.  There is at least one dedicated contact person for each supplier in our company, who gets deeply involved in the product lines and pays full attention to the products.
To our suppliers

Same same but different


The staff of Mountain Photonics is a colorful mix of old hands and young horses. Among us are physicists, engineers and career changers. And that's what we end up with: many years of experience, technical and physical expertise, enthusiasm for photonics, creative ideas and lots of fun at work.
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The way is the goal


We are more than just a distributor. We are always looking for new ideas and innovative solutions to solve challenging tasks in the photonics field. We accompany our customers from early state in research to the final solution. We provide advice and support, show alternative possibilities or take unconventional paths. We are always aiming at adding a significant added value to the instruments and components we sell.