Flexure Stages

Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ

  • Stable stage in robust design
  • Various manual adjusters with 20 nm or 200 nm resolution
  • Piezo actuators available, semi-automated on request
  • 2 mm travel per axis
  • 4.5 kg load capacity
  • Orthogonal alignment grooves for accessories

The Elliot Martock Gold Series XYZ Flexure Stages are ideal for high-precision instrument manipulation and alignment tasks. A wide range of accessories allows the use in different setups.
Customized modifications are possible.

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Fiber launch solutions Elliot Gold™ Series

  • Preconfigured fiber alignment systems
  • Various and individual fiber shots available
  • Various manual adjusters available, resolution 20 nm or 200 nm
  • Motorized version with integral stepper motor (resolution < 0.01° per single step) available
  • Special system for SOAs (semiconductor optical amplifiers) available
  • Complete 360° rotation of the fiber available as an option
  • Customized systems possible

Details about the existing systems

Six Axis positioners

  • Based on the extremely stable and patented Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ Flexure Stage
  • 2 mm linear path
  • Resolution 20 nm in the XYZ axes
  • 5 arcsecond resolution for fiber rotation
  • Resolution for pitch & yaw < 0.1 arc second

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  • Fiber holders
  • Platforms and brackets for e.g. optics
  • Rotation modules
  • Microscope lenses
  • Etc.

Details about the accessories


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