Flexure Stages

Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ:

  • Extremely stable, patented and popular stage
  • 20nm or 200nm resolution
  • Various adjusters are available
  • 2mm travel per axis
  • Minimal arcuate displacement
  • 4.5kg load capacity
  • Orthogonal alignment grooves

The Elliot Martock Gold Series XYZ Flexure Stages are ideal for high-precision instrument manipulation. The arcuate displacement (the vertical displacement is based on longitudinal flexure motion) and is up to four times better than competing products.
Versions with different adjusters for right- and left-handed and piezo actuators are also available.
In addition, the manufacturer offers individual solutions.
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Fiber Launch Solutions Elliot Gold™ Series:

  • Fiber to fiber alignment
  • Extremely stable and patented stage
  • Standard blocks and custom blocks with V-grooves
  • Various manual adjusters available, resolution 20nm or 200nm
  • 4.5kg loading capacity
  • Special system for SOAs (semiconductor optical amplifiers)
  • Complete 360 ° rotation
  • Motorized version with integral stepper motor (resolution <0.01 ° per single step) available
  • Special system for PM fibers with insertion groove for easy insertion and removal of the fiber
  • Special system for alignment of fiber collimators
  • Customized systems

The Elliot Gold™ Series Fiber Launch Solutions has a variety of patented and superior fiber alignment products. For many tasks there are already tailor-made solutions. The manufacturer also likes to assemble systems according to your requirements.

Details about the existing systems

Six Axis Positioners:

  • Based on the extremely stable and patented Elliot Gold ™ Series XYZ Flexure Stage
  • 2mm linear path
  • Resolution 20nm in the XYZ axes
  • Full 360 ° rotation adjustable
  • Resolution 5 arc seconds
  • Insertion groove for easy insertion and removal of the fiber
  • Preset V block on the axis with an error (concentric) of less than 1μm
  • Resolution of pitch and yaw <0.1 arc seconds, etc.

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  • fiber holders
  • Additional platforms and brackets
  • Rotation modules
  • Microscope lenses and other accessories

The large number of useful accessories extends the application possibilities of the Flexure Stages even more.

Details about the accessories


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    • Alignment of optical fibers
    • Manipulation of Microstructures in Life Sciences Research
    • Many special tasks for high-precision positioning