Lasers often have a small angular difference between the laser beam and the mechanical centerline of the laser housing (boresight error). With the Microblock laser, you can completely eliminate this error by
turning the two grub crews on the outside of the housing accordingly until the center axis alignment is perfectly adjusted. In addition, small assembly errors in your setup can be compensated, too.
It is a robust module, with a vibration resistant construction, which can be used in a wide temperature range.
The self-contained assembly includes the laser diode with optics and driver electronics as well as the mechanics for the laser beam center axis adjustment.
In addition, these laser modules can be powered by a battery or another low-voltage power supply and requires minimal current.

Standard diodes with wavelength 650nm are used here. Also available is the brighter red at 635nm, for applications where improved visibility is required. The output power of both models corresponds to the laser safety class 2 or 3R.

Operating mode:
CW operation

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