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The multi-channel digital lock-in amplifier SynkTek MCL1-540 (former model 9210 from Signal Recovery) is capable of demodulating up to ten voltage signals and five current signals simultaneously and in two phases. In addition, the signals, including DC components, can be displayed and analyzed via oscilloscope and FFT functions. The MCL1-540 can be operated and evaluated […]

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7270 DSP lock-in amplifier The 7270 is the latest model of digital universal lock-in amplifier with dual phase demodulation. As the successor to the tried and tested 7265, it combines all the development stages of DSP lock-in technology since the early 1990s with state-of-the-art operating and evaluation technology. The 7270 operates in the frequency range […]

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The Model 5402 is a low noise current preamplifier for any current signal or impedance measurement application. The gain (transimpedance) is adjustable between six stages, with a bandwidth of 100 kHz at the highest stage (1 GV/A) and 4 MHz at the lowest stage (10 kV/A). The 5402 is powered by two lithium-ion batteries and […]

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