Monochromator for fiber-coupled light sources

Any fiber-coupled light source can be attached to this compact, software-controlled fiber-to-fiber monochromator, e.g. a LED or laser-pumped plasma light source can be connected. The high light throughput results in a flexible, tunable point light source with high luminance at the output fiber.

Thanks to a magnetic-kinematic holder, the optical grating can easily be changed by the user. A number of gratings are available, optimized for the UV, VIS or NIR / MIR wavelength range, which can be exchanged in just a few steps thanks to a factory pre-adjustment. Depending on the fiber core diameter, bandwidths between 0.8 and 28 nm are possible.

A motorized filter wheel for up to 5 order sorting filters and a motorized shutter are integrated. Optionally, the Monochromator F can be equipped with a high-speed shutter, which allows reproducible switching times of down to 10 ms.
The wavelength is selected from a PC or laptop via an USB interface. Easy-to-use software is included. External control and integration into your overall system are possible via LabVIEW™, Python, etc. as well as via direct ASCII commands.