Standard and high-resolution Fizeau interferometers

The Fizeau interferometers of Äpre Instruments are suitable for flexible optical quality assessment of surfaces and optics.

The advantage is that you can switch between a large coherence length for lasers and a small coherence length for SCI (Spectrally Controlled Interferometry) applications within one minute.


The following models for standard resolution and high resolution are available:

 Standard resolutionHigh resolution
ModelS50 | SRS100 | SRS150 | SRS50 | HRS100 | HRS150 | HR
Aperture50 mm100 mm150 mm50 mm100 mm150 mm
Data acquisition modesLaser: Vibration Tolerant PSI (Standard)
Laser: Vibration Insensitive using Spatial-Carrier Fringe Acquisition
Laser: Wavelength Modulated PSI (Option)
Low Coherence: Spectrally Controlled Interferometry (Option)
Camera array1000 x 1000
1000 x 1000
1000 x 1000
2000 x 2000
2000 x 2000
2000 x 2000
Image resolution100 µm200 µm300 µm50 µm100 µm150 µm
Fringe resolution325 fringes/aperture650 fringes/aperture
Retrace errorλ/20λ/20λ/20λ/20λ/20λ/20

The screen resolution indicates how small a property can be measured. S-Series HR and SR interferometers feature diffraction-limited imaging that goes beyond simple camera pixels to improve overall system performance.

With the interferometers comes the acquisition and analysis software REVEAL, with the help of which all measurement data can be evaluated very easily and professionally.

For more information please visit the website of Äpre instruments.