Mounts for laser diodes and LEDs

For operation laser diodes are inserted into temperature-controlled fixtures which also protect them against electrostatic discharge.

Arroyo Instruments manufactures mounts for almost all common semiconductor lasers and many LED housings. In combination with the suitable connecting cables to the Arroyo laser and temperature controllers you can easily build up your individual turnkey system.

We will be happy to assist you in configuring the best suitable setup for your application.

Models 203/205 for butterfly housings
The mounts 203 with passive cooling and 205 with active cooling allow a fast and solderless insertion of laser diodes in 7- or 14-pin butterfly housings. A tray for fiber management, a cover for improved thermal stability and a fan for the heat sink are available as optional accessories.
Model 207 for pigtailed lasers and STAR LEDs
Thanks to 12 W cooling capacity, mount 207 is ideal for medium-powered pigtailed lasers diodes and LEDs, e.g. STAR LEDs. With a user-configurable quick-disconnect electrical interface and broad standard device support, the 207 is an excellent choice. For STAR LEDs see also model 226.
The standard cold plate offers numerous mounting holes for various devices. Individual mounting plates are available on demand. For high-temperature requirements as special version up to +150°C is also available.
Models 213/215 for DIL lasers
The mounts 213 with passive cooling and 215 with active cooling allow easy operation of lasers in 14-pin or 8-pin Mini-DIL (model 213 only) housings.
Loading of the device is made simple with zero insertion force sockets. Configuring the mount to the pin-out of your device is done with a solderless terminal strip.
For TO-can lasers and LEDs / STAR-LEDs
Mount 224 offers active cooling up to 1.3 W for lasers in TO-5.6 or TO-9 packages.

Micro 5.6 and Micro 9.0 are inexpensive clamp mounts with mounting posts.

Model 226 is ideal for LED applications that require temperature stabilization. Connections are easy with the 2mm banana jacks on the side of the mount, making it easy to connectorize your device. In addition to the STAR hole pattern, the 226 also features a grid of additional holes in a “breadboard” pattern, which can be used for mounting custom devices. For medium power STAR LEDs see also model 207.

For TO lasers up to 3 A, also in the 2-pin version, Model 234 offers up to 10 W cooling capacity.
240 Series for lasers in C-mount, HHL and TO-3 packages
Series 240 mounts are designed for high performance and long term operation. All mounts feature solderless connections for quick setup and an integrated fan for maximum thermal performance.

242: For lasers in C-mount housing

244: For lasers in HHL housing

246: For lasers in TO-3 housing

260 Series for high-power lasers and LEDs in individual packages
The mounts of series 260 are designed to provide high performance and long term operation. All of them feature solderless connections for quick setup, and an integrated fan for maximum thermal performance. Each mount can be bolted to an optical table or work surface using holes matching the 1" centers of most optical tables. They serve many standard housings and can also be supplied with customized cold plates. Model 262 has a cooling capacity of 0.25°C/W, model 264 offers 30 W cooling capacity at 25°C and is available in metric or inch versions with DB9 or 9W4 connections.
Model 274: water-cooled with up to 180 W cooling capacity
Thanks to the connections for water cooling up to 180 W cooling capacity can be achieved in a small footprint. An integrated TEC element precisely controls the temperature of the mounting plate.
280 series: up to 100 W cooling capacity without water cooling
With model 284-03 up to 30 W can be achieved. Model 286-01 enables up to 100 W cooling capacity without water cooling. High temperature versions for operation up to 150°C are also available. The cold plate can be customized to fit the exact requirements of your application, so your device mounts directly to the plate, without any need for adapters or modification.

Need to use the device for temperature feedback? No problem, you can easily wire in the device’s sensor and even select between device and internal temperature feedback with a switch on the mount.

For both models there are mounting kits available for vertical or horizontal mounting on optical tables.