RS-10D Calibration light source for irradiance and radiance

This precision halogen light source is absolutely calibrated for irradiance and illuminance and is often used for the calibration of light measuring instruments or optical detectors, spectroradiometers, radiometers or spectrometers.

In combination with the RS-70-X extension, the RS-10D light source can also be used as an absolute standard for spectral luminance, luminous intensity, radiance or radiant intensity, and for illumination and irradiance at a specified distance.

The tungsten-halogen light source is NIST traceable and spectrally calibrated for luminance, illuminance, radiance and irradiance. The calibration is valid for 200 hours of operation or one year.

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    Accessories: RS-70-X

    Filter or diffuser for the generation of different radiometric or photometric standards.