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Quick Pro is a revolutionary system that can control operations through electrical motion. You can control the movement of each axis (X, Y, Z axis) via PC mouse to perform the scanning accurately and smoothly. The system does not include a microscope, the arms are positioned next to an existing microscope.

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Axis Pro FC is a high-end micromanipulation system. It combines a powerful zoom microscope with a micromanipulator. The housing protects and ensures the best possible performance. All functions, including focusing and manipulation of the sample, are controlled by the PC mouse. For example, particles of 5μm size can be manipulated quickly and easily. It is […]

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Axis Pro is a micromanipulation system that combines an efficient light microscope with highly accurate manipulation tools. The system has been designed to allow any user to easily take the smallest samples for different analyses. For example, in just a few minutes the system can pick up a particle in µm-size and place it on […]

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