How is the interferometer light source determining what you can measure? With this question deals the white paper from interferometer manufacturer Äpre Instruments. (more…)

Milk is one of the most commonly used products and raw material for the production of all dairy products. Due to the increasing demand for quality, the analysis of milk components is therefore becoming more and more important for the dairy industry, as well as for the entire production chain of dairy products. (more…)

Gamma Scientific’s standard model GS-1164 has been proven for several years to measure color and luminance of displays at the same time from four different angles. It integrates four GS-1160B spectrometers in one housing, which all work simultaneously during the measurement. (more…)

The S300|HR is a high-resolution Fizeau interferometer with a diameter of 300 mm for the measurement of flat surfaces. This version of the device features 4-megapixel imaging and 4 optional sources. (more…)

Attonics Systems from Singapore offers with its compact spectrometer ATTO3 a complete solution for daily use in the lab or in-field. (more…)

The new MountainSphere from Mountain Instruments offers a wide range of possibilities in optical metrology, such as the measurement of spectral reflection, transmission or even the haze value. The MountainSphere-50/100 is available with a diameter of either 50 mm or 100 mm. The size of the measurement port is also adaptable and is changed by screw-on adapters. (more…)

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The research group around Wiktor Szymanski at the University Hospital Groningen is intensively engaged in the field of photopharmacology, or more precisely: in the research of safe and efficient treatment methods with active substances. (more…)

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Our dark laboratory at our headquarters in Landsberg is specially equipped for radio- and photometric measurements. In addition to our own instruments, we also have access to the measurement technology of our manufacturers, such as Avantes, Si-Ware Systems, Gamma Scientific or Arroyo Instruments. (more…)

We had a special opportunity to show the possibilities of the NeoSpectra Scanner in following the invitation of the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL to the internal demo days of the Soil Competence Center. (more…)

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