Welcome at Mountain Photonics

We look forward to welcome you at the analytica show in Munich, taking place from 31 March to 3 April 2020.

Together with our manufacturers we will inform you about innovative photonics solutions for analytics & quality control in the fields of biotechnology, life sciences and many more. (more…)

The fiber coupler from Mountain Instruments can be used in combination with a free-space light source (laser driven plasma source, xenon arc, halogen, LED, etc.) with high radiance and a very wide spectral range from 200 nm – 2200 nm. Newly added are an iris diaphragm which allows to regulate the light intensity as well […]

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For already three years the SpectralLED® RS-7 has been used by our customers as spectrally programmable source for absolutely calibrated radiance or irradiance.

The Swedish company SynkTek AB is the manufacturer of the multichannel lock-in amplifier, which was previously sold under the name 9210 via Ametek, Signal Recovery. The flexible lock-in platform is still available under a new name – and at a new, more attractive price. (more…)