With Quartus Engineering from San Diego, we have won a strong partner in the field of surface analysis of planar and arbitrarily curved surfaces. The OptiQuiver combines the advantages of a wavefront sensor with both a high dynamic range and precise angle measurement. (more…)

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The modular handheld spectrometers of the IndiGo series provide precise spectral measurements of scientific quality and are particularly suitable for in-field use due to their compactness, their weight of only approx. 100 g and 10 hours of battery operation.

From 9.4.-12.4.2024 we will exhibit with our partners for laboratory technology at analytica in Munich! Make an appointment with our colleagues from Nireos, Avantes, MicroSupport, Lambert Instruments, GoyaLab, Si-Ware Systems, Nova Industrial Analytics and Broadcom, we look forward to seeing you in hall A2, booth 305: (more…)

With the Canadian company G2V, we have gained a new partner who has revolutionized solar simulation with conventional light bulbs through the use of LED technology and convinces above all in these points: (more…)