Avantes provides numerous plasma calibration light sources for the wavelength calibration of a spectrometer. Using their characteristic spectral lines, the calibration curve can be adapted from pixel number to wavelength of a spectrometer. The AvaSoft Full (??) provides a function that makes it very easy to correct the calibration curve. However, the corrected curve is then only stored on the local PC, not on the spectrometer.

Via the SMA connector the AvaLight-CAL light sources can easily be connected to a spectrometer via an optical fiber.

The AvaLight-CAL-Mini generates a HgAr plasma and is suitable for the wavelength range from 253.6 nm to 922.5 nm.

The AvaLight-CAL-NEON-Mini works with a Ne-plasma for 337 nm to 1084.4 nm.

The AvaLight-CAL-AR-Mini is suitable with an Ar plasma for 950 nm to 1704 nm.

The AvaLight-CAL-ZINC with zinc ranges from 202.5 nm to 636.2 nm and the AvaLight-CAL-CAD with cadmium ranges from 214.4 nm to 643.8 nm.

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