Upgrades for interferometers

Besides the in-house new interferometers, which are completely developed and manufactured under one roof, Äpre Instruments offers upgrades of older interferometers of various manufacturers regarding hardware and software.

For many decades, optical components have been measured with high-precision interferometers. These instruments are usually very robust and durable. While the interferometer technology has hardly changed until today, the last two decades in particular have been characterized by enormous developments in the field of digital imaging and control electronics. In addition, the PCs that are used to control and analyze the interferometers are usually replaced after a few years, while the interferometers themselves often last for several decades.
In many optical laboratories, outdated interferometer models are now standing still, although they could be working perfectly, but the control software of the cameras and the phase shifter etc. can no longer be installed on modern PCs and operating systems.
Furthermore, the interfaces, which are usually 30 years old, are rarely compatible with the interfaces of today’s PCs.

To make such instruments workable again, Äpre Instruments offers so-called upgrades. In terms of hardware, the original cameras built into the device are replaced by modern high-resolution 1 MP cameras (measurement and alignment). The entire control electronics including the mostly obsolete interfaces of the device are also replaced. The revised interferometer will also be delivered with a new 64 bit PC and Windows 10 as well as a 24 inch monitor, on which the Äpre control and analysis software “Äpre Reveal” is installed. The data exchange is carried out via thin USB cables. As part of the upgrade, all components of the mechanical and optical structure are also checked, cleaned and if necessary realigned, repaired or replaced.

Mountain Photonics will handle the entire upgrade process, including removal of the old interferometer and installation of the upgraded interferometer on-site.
In addition, we offer an extensive training for the operation of the software.
For most interferometers, the cost of an upgrade is about one third of the cost of a new instrument.

Upgardes can be done for interferometers of the following manufacturers:

  • Zygo® (Mark™, Mark-GPI™, GPI™, Verifire™)
  • Wyko (6000, 4000 and newer)
  • Phase Shift Technology (miniFiz – all varieties)
  • Möller Wedel™
  • Buccini MIC-1, LUPI (or similar)
  • Custom in-house and OEM interferometers
  • Mechanical Phase or Wavelength Shifting, custom λ

  • Please contact us if you are interested in the interferometer upgrade service. We are looking forward to your request.

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