The AvaLight-DH-CAL is suitable for absolute calibrations to spectral irradiance in the UV and visible range (200-1099 nm). As with the AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini, the NIST traceably calibrated irradiance refers to the surface of the removable cosine corrector, which can be connected to an optical fiber via an SMA connector. The calibration data are supplied in ASCII format on an USB stick.

If a more balanced spectrum without the dominant alpha peak at 656 nm is required, we offer the variant AvaLight-DH-BAL-CAL.

For the pure UV range (200-400 nm) the variant AvaLight-D-CAL is suitable.

Using the AvaSoft Full and the software module AvaSoft-Irradiance, the optical system used can be calibrated very easily to spectral irradiance using an Avantes spectrometer.

The AvaLight-DH-CAL-ISPxx is a variant of this light source with which one of the Avantes integrating spheres AvaSphere-xx-IRRAD (xx=30,50,80) can also be calibrated for spectral irradiance.

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