Achromatic optics

Mountain Instruments offers achromatic optics that can be adapted exactly to customer-specific requirements. These include various coatings, mirrors, lenses, windows, prisms, polarization optics, UV and IR optics as well as optical filters.

Achromatic lenses are used to minimize or eliminate chromatic aberration. In addition, achromatic design can also be used to reduce spherical aberrations. An achromatic lens produces smaller fields of view than comparable lenses with spherical lenses. Achromatic optics are particularly suitable for applications such as fluorescence microscopy, image relays, inspection or spectroscopy.

Achromatic doublet lenses, also known as achromatic lenses, eliminate chromatic and spherical aberrations from singlet lenses. When used on the axis, an achromatic lens focuses a parallel input beam onto a perfect “point” that is only limited by diffraction effects. Achromatic lenses can be used to collimate and focus laser beams. They can also be used for high-quality imaging on the axis.

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