Multi-channel controllers

With Series 7000, Arroyo Instruments is now offering space-saving and cost-effective multi-channel solutions in 19″ format. They are ideally suited for system applications such as burn-in and characterization of laser diodes and LEDs.



Multi-channel temperature controllers

Space-saving in 19″ format, inexpensive and equipped with Ethernet and USB interface, these highly professional temperature controllers are ideal for system applications. Several standard models are available.

ModelCooling capacityAmps/VoltsStabilityChannelsHeightSensor
7154-04-0832 W4 A/8 V0.004°C41 HEThermistor
7154-05-1260 W5 A/12 V0.004°C41 HEThermistor
7254-10-28220 W10 A/28 V0.004°C42 HEThermistor
7252-15-28420 W15 A/28 V0.004°C22 HEThermistor

Series 7154 is already on the market, series 7252 will be available soon.

Alternative products: OEM modules of the TECPak series 585

Multi-channel current controllers

The 4-channel laser drivers are equipped with Ethernet and USB interfaces, all necessary protective circuits and are prepared per standard for installation in 19″ racks. They are excellent building blocks for system applications such as device burn-in and characterization. Several standard models will be available. All models can be optionally equipped with an analog modulation input for 0 up to 10 V.

7144-0.5-08500 mA/8 V41 HE
7144-01-081 A/8 V41 HE
7144-02-042 A/4 V41 HE
7144-04-044 A/4 V41 HE
7244-05-565 A /56 V4
7244-08-288 A /28 V4
7244-15-1415 A /14 V4

Please contact us for further details.

Alternative products: OEM Modules of the LaserPak series 485

MultiMount modular fixture system for laser diodes and LEDs

In line with the multi-channel current and temperature controllers of the 7000 series, fixtures for several laser diodes and LEDs will soon be available for installation in 19″ racks. There will be models with active and passive cooling based on a standard platform which can easily be adapted to customer-specific requirements.

Please contact us for details