Imatronic Range

LDM150, Sigma, LDM115, LDL175, LCG115 & LLM115

Under the brand Imatronic, Global Laser manufactures laser diode modules according to industry standards. The robust housing contains all optical and electronic components that allow safe and precise projection of various patterns (dot, line, cross, etc.).
All lasers have a long operating lifetime. The risk of diode failure (that is, below the diode MTTF)) is very low due to the electrically insulated housing and the driver board which is protected against reverse polarity.
The sophisticated design of the control circuit ensures excellent output power stability over time and temperature.
The lasers are available with different wavelengths (520, 635, 650, 670, 780 and 850 nm) and in different power levels up to 5 mW.
The green Imatronic models emit light that appears to the human eye to be more than twice as bright as the corresponding power at a wavelength of 635 nm. Therefore, these laser projections are much more perceptible on dark materials, in high ambient light conditions or from long distances.
Usually Imatronic lasers are available at short notice, often directly from the manufacturer’s stock.

Beam options:

A wide range of diffractive optical elements (DOE) can be installed on the LDM115 to support 3D mapping, surface texture analysis and general image processing.

Operation modes:

Standard is CW mode.

All Imatronic lasers can also be equipped with a TTL modulation input so that they can be controlled with a digital voltage signal. The average intensity of the output beam can also be adjusted by certain modulation forms. In addition, you can modulate the lasers with coded information or synchronize them with an external measuring device, such as a photodetector or a camera.


Please contact us for customized solutions, that are not listed in the documentation.

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  • Object alignment / positioning
  • Edge detection
  • Barcode reading
  • Size determination (measurement technology)
  • Event / status monitoring
  • Target definition
  • Target devices for weapons
  • Testing of light guides
  • Robot control
  • Entertainment (laser games)