Waveguide Alignment Systems

Elliot Gold™ Series Professional Workstation:

  • Multi-axis manipulation
  • Complete professional and central workstations
  • Versions with long or short travel distances
  • Displacement takes place in precision slides in dovetail shape
  • Precise 6-axis alignment
  • Long or short travel options

Overview of the existing workstations

Workstation MDE881:

This optical workstation has been designed for precise alignment of input and output fibers to an optical waveguide device.

  • 6-axis precision alignment
  • All 6 axes are really independent
  • No cross-talk
  • Direct readout of the Y-axis position of the optical fiber
  • The fast rack & pinion drive allows an easy access to the central workstation
  • Portable and stable systems, an optical table is not required
  • The setup contains two 20nm Elliot Gold ™ XYZ Flexure Stages (MDE122)

Details about this workstation

Details about the long travel version

Central Workstation with Rotation, Tilt and  Transverse Motion MDE883:

Optical workstation with 2 precision rotary axes, 1 tilt axis and 2 linear axes.

  • ± 4° setting, 1 arc second resolution for θx and θz
  • ± 1 ° for θy
  • 25mm travel, 0.5μm resolution for the Y-axis
  • Direct readout of device Y linear travel position
  • 6mm travel -> 2μm resolution at the Z axis
  • Can be mounted directly on 25 mm or a 1″ pitch table

More details about this product

Details about the long travel version

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